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LULAC Women's Hall of Fame Awards

Reasons for Recognition

  • The nominee is a living symbol ofLULAC'S philosophy creating positive change through personal integrity and ethical leadership

  • Throughout her life, she has sustained a clear vision for the future of the Hispanic community and the actions of her life have consistently reflected that vision

  • Undaunted by difficulties, she has been faithful to herself and her beliefs and has acted with faith

  • Through the years, she has evolved with the times and has maintained herself grounded in the present social, economic and political environment

  • She is a collaborative leader who inspires and motivates others and gets the task accomplished. She relishes life by the basic principles and emulates her values

  • She understands her personal power but shares it easily with those whose lives she bas touched. She values life, maintains joy, kindness, calmness and inner peace

  • This woman has empowered many over the years through her service. She has acted with justice, love and the deepest of pride in her culture


  • Why the individual is being nominated for this award.

  • Describe the specific gifts and skills that have distinguished the nominee in her work.

  • What are the motivating factors for the nominee’s work? Why is she doing what she does?

  • What were the most important results of the nominee’s work?

  • Describe how the nominee’s work has had substantial impact on the Hispanic Community.

  • Describe any significant obstacles overcome by the candidate.

  • Nominee's required years of service as a LULAC member is ten years..


Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Please, complete the form and send with other supporting documents (nomination letter and resume) photos and/or news articles if available, to:

Elsie Valdes Ramos
LULAC National Vice President for Women
HC 02 Box 47862
Vega Baja, Puerto Rico 00693
Phone: (787) 459-1350
E-mail: if further information is required.

Click here to download the Form (PDF format)

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