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I Voted for Immigration Reform! …You Should Too

December 4, 2012

Contact: LULAC

Dear LULAC Membership:

We urgently need your help to set in place an effective immigration system that will reflect the best of America’s values. Please add your name to the petition below to send a postcard to your representatives urging them to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the 113th Session of Congress!

Our economy stands to greatly benefit from immigration reform. Today, the U.S. benefits from $551.6 billion in economic activity from unauthorized immigrants working in this country. In this past election, 65% of voters supported giving undocumented immigrants working in the U.S. a path to citizenship.

Congress needs to know that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a top priority for the Latino community. We need Members of Congress to hear your voice on this important issue NOW! By signing the petition, your Members of Congress will receive an “I Voted for Immigration Reform” postcard. You can further help by providing three additional email addresses. As a token of our appreciation, LULAC National will mail you a campaign sticker.

Help spread the word by getting your family, friends, and colleagues to send a postcard to their Members of Congress. For more information on how to send a postcard, please click here. A copy of the postcard that will be sent on your behalf is available by clicking here.

Thank you!
President Margaret Moran

I Voted for Immigration Reform

I Voted for Immigration Reform

Join the call on Capitol Hill for their support on comprehensive immigration reform with LULAC's "I Voted for Immigration Reform" campaign. Fill out the form and LULAC will send your Members of Congress an "I Voted for Immigration Reform" postcard on your behalf!

Click here to join the campaign

Printable Campaign Sign-Up Sheet

Printable Campaign Sign-Up Sheet

Have your friends and family join LULAC's "I Voted for Immigration Reform" Campaign! Use this sign-up sheet to collect your friends' information and fax or email it in so that LULAC can send a postcard on their behalf. Be an advocate today!

Be an advocate today!

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