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Nov 9, 2011

LULAC Hails Defeat of AZ Senate President Russell Pearce in Recall

Architect of Arizona’s Anti-immigrant SB1070 Law Becomes First State Senate President in Nation to Lose a Recall Election

Nov 3, 2011

LULAC Condemns Flurry of Anti-Immigration Statements

Washington, DC - Presidential hopefuls often say just about anything to make a quick news bite. I don’t begrudge them the need to maximize on the opportunity to get their message to the public. The American people should be afforded every opportunity to learn about their candidate...

Oct 29, 2011

LULAC Kicks Off Texas “Latinos Living Healthy” Health Fair

Oct 27, 2011

LULAC Urges FCC to Focus USF on Closing the Digital Divide

Proposed Connect America Fund Should Prioritize Broadband Access & Adoption

Oct 22, 2011

LULAC Initiative Will Help the Latino Community Get Healthy

With Support from the Walmart Foundation LULAC Will Expand Its Health Initiatives That Address Health Disparities in the Latino Community

Oct 19, 2011

LULAC Disappointed Over ESEA Lack of State Accountability

LULAC Committed to Work with Leadership in Congress to Ensure Flexibility Does Not Come at the Expense of the Achievement of Disadvantaged Students

Oct 15, 2011

LULAC Kicks Off Phoenix’s First “Latinos Living Healthy” Health Fair

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct 14, 2011

LULAC Statement Regarding Aftermath of HB56

Is HB 56 Really A Win For Alabama?

Oct 12, 2011

LULAC Opens New Regional Office in California

First California Office for LULAC

Oct 12, 2011

LULAC Responds to Announcement Naming Arizona as the Host State for Super Bowl in 2015

Washington, DC – LULAC was dismayed to hear today that the National Football League has chosen the State of Arizona to host the 49th Super Bowl. In light of Arizona’s hate-based legislation, the action taken by the NFL serves as an endorsement of the state’s abhorrent actions against the Latino and migrant communities...

Sep 26, 2011

LULAC Is Proud To Announce New York City Will Host Historic 85th National Convention in 2014

Sep 22, 2011

LULAC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Educational PSA as Part of Cox Partnership

On Demand Will Feature Content and Public Service Announcements That Serve the Hispanic Community

Sep 19, 2011

LULAC Applauds the Department of Justice Decision in Texas Redistricting Case

Today, in the District of Columbia Federal Court, the Department of Justice said it will fight the Texas Congressional plan and the State House Redistricting plan as being racially discriminatory and a violation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act..

Sep 17, 2011

LULAC Partners With Cable Industry to Pay Tribute to Influential Hispanics With On Demand Programming

Sep 1, 2011

LULAC Holds Meeting With The Department of Justice Regarding Texas Redistricting Map

Aug 31, 2011

LULAC Voices Concern Over Efforts Led By The Department of Education That Could Have Negative Impact for Low Income and Minority Youth

Aug 31, 2011

LULAC Hails Decision to Enjoin Enforcement of HB 56

Draconian Alabama anti-immigrant law was scheduled to take effect Thursday, September 1st

Aug 18, 2011

LULAC Applauds the Obama Administration for Decision to Exercise Prosecutorial Discretion in Deportation Cases

Jul 28, 2011

Protect Medicaid! Votes Will Happen Soon!

As the debt ceiling and deficit reduction debate rages on, it is more important than ever for you to keep the momentum going and step up pressure on Congress to balance our budget and reduce our deficit without hurting working class families...

Jul 13, 2011

LULAC Warns That State and Local Funding Flexibility Act Will Further Disadvantage Minority and Low Income Youth

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